Child Welfare Clinic (CWC)

According to WHO, 55 per 1000 children in the African region die at the age less than a year. This happens due to the lack of affordable and high-quality child welfare services. The health of baby greatly depends on the care given at the time of birth and shortly after the birth. Here at our child welfare clinic in Mombasa, we address the possible health problems mothers to be, mothers and babies are likely to face. We provide personalized child welfare care to ensure the good health of the baby and mother.

Nyali Healthcare is proud to announce the expansion of our Child Welfare Clinic (CWC). The clinic aims to promote the health and wellness of children and their families.

Our priority is to first try and prevent any ailments in the young ones. In the event that a disease breaks out during the prevention period, we diagnose it during its early stages and start treatment immediately.

Regular checkups during our clinics ensure that your child is well-monitored by our pediatric staff. You can schedule for our special clinic days at our hospital, by phone or through our website.

Mothers can also get more information from our nurses during their Antenatal Clinic (ANC) visits.

Infants are usually 2-weeks old when moved from Maternity Clinics to Child Welfare Clinics. CWC services include all health related matters. Children will be recommended for further tests and examinations where necessary. Monitoring and extra visits will be arranged if need be.

If your child however falls sick, do NOT wait for the CWC days. Seek immediate medical attention. Always monitor your child for fevers, weight loss, irregular eating, unusual crying, or any other abnormal symptoms.
Other specialist services are available upon demand. We have a range of specialist doctors and therapists who can help to further evaluate and treat your child. Information is always readily available at our clinics.